Welcome to my Caterham 310S Build Blog.  I was tempted to title it “How to Build a Seven?”, with emphasis on the question mark and a touch of irony but thought better of it.

I hope you enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of the build and hopefully find something of both interest and, if you’re embarking on your own build journey, of some use.

If you’re reading this bit, you are on the Home page, which should also show the most recent posts and include an archive section showing when posts were published.

I hope the menus make some sense, with posts group under Pre-build and Build as well as a few tags to point you in the direction of particular areas of interest.  Assuming I’ve done it right, you should also be able to search for anything specific you’re interested in.


  • Enhancing the Black Pack

    21st Mar 2021 by

    One of the side effects of lockdown is the increased time spent browsing various blogs, Facebook pages etc., which is always a dangerous activity as it seems to lead directly to “having” to upgrade/tinker! Fortunately, I have managed a modicum… Read more

  • Built by….

    7th Nov 2020 by

    For several years, Caterham has been fitting a build plaque to factory built cars – one technician completes the entire build and is forever immortalised in brushed stainless steel. For those of us mad enough to try it ourselves, there’s… Read more

  • A Year in the Life…

    2nd May 2020 by

    I have suddenly realised that a whole 12 months have now passed since taking delivery of the CKD on 29th April 2019; I can scarcely believe how fast time flies.

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